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Customer Care

Jewelry Care:

Textile Care:

-Store out of open air to avoid tarnishing.

-Regular cleaning with a treated polishing cloth will keep your Sterling Silver sparkling.

-If more cleaning is necessary, use a soft toothbrush with a little soap & water,

then dry with a soft cloth. 

-Keep away from harsh chemicals such as perfumes, hairspray, sunscreen & chlorine.

-Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.

-It is not recommended to wear your jewelry during exercise or excess sweating.

** Each piece is designed & hand fabricated

by Silversmith Drew Kleinhen of DK Design

-Because of the nature of each hand dyed textile,

please hand wash alone with a gentle detergent (Woolite is preferred). 

-After washing, line dry or hang to dry.

-Iron & Enjoy!

*Each piece is hand dyed in individually curated dye baths either from natural elements or synthetic dye powders. There are variations between color & techniques. 

**Each dye bath & textile is curated in house

at DK Design by Drew Kleinhen




Custom orders are always welcome! I love being able to create one of a kind pieces that you will truly love. The time frame for custom work varies on design & materials needed.  Please contact me to further discuss 

**As of right now, the only custom pieces will be jewelryThey must be similar to the DK Design aesthetic + in sterling silver. 

For all Wholesale Inquiries, please contact me!

Custom Orders

Wholesale Orders

previous work  &  custom pieces 

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